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 The reservation is confirmed upon receipt of the deposit to be paid by bank transfer. At the moment we do not accept credit cards to guarantee the reservation.
If you have decided to book a holiday at the Hotel Centrale Miramare, you can do so without any worries: if you are unable to come and communicate your cancellation no later than 14 days before arrival, we will refund the entire deposit paid with a voucher (which can also be transferable) and which you can also use for the summer 2022. In case of communication between 13 and 7 days we will keep 30% of the deposit amount and only the remaining amount will be converted into a voucher. Between 6 and 2 days we will retain 50% of the deposit and only the remaining amount will be converted to vouchers. In case of No Show we will keep 100% of the deposit. The Hotel Centrale Miramare is committed to guaranteeing you the same professionalism and the same smile, even if hidden by the mask, of the past years: you will spend a different holiday, but no less pleasant, relaxing and safe.

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