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L’Hotel Centrale Miramare is located just a few minutes away by car or bus from the city centre of Rimini. Always famous for its seaside tourism, which over the years has attracted many tourists, Rimini is also rich in places of historical and cultural interest.

Monuments, food and wine

Among the most important monuments are theArch of Augustus and Bridge of Tiberius, the roman, the Arengo Palace and the Palazzo Podestà, the medieval era, the Malatesta Temple and the Castel Sismondo, the age of the renaissance.

Walking through the streets of the city you will come across many local, where you can taste the local wines such as Sangiovese or Trebbiano, and restaurants that offer typical local dishes, especially fish dishes, piadina, meats and cheeses of the area. Don't forget to visit the characteristic Village of San Giuliano , or taking a walk to Parco Marecchia, the largest in the city.

New life to the beauties of the city!

Recently, there have been many developments made to redevelop the entire city of Rimini. In the large parco Marecchia, near the Bridge of Tiberius, was created a piazza on the water and a suspended walkway where you can stroll and admire the port channel.

The famous “Cinema Fulgor”, the protagonist of the works of Federico Fellini, has reopened its doors to the public and offers a moment of debate, culture, and screenings of the recent film.

The outside of the Castle Sismondo has been rebuilt with an external square all new that are soon to join the Teatro Galli, the place right across the street, which is still in phase of restoration. They also are still in progress at the Piazzale Kennedy on the sea, to realize the “Park of the Sea”.

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