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Thehinterland is rich of medieval villages to visit. You can spend a day filled with culture, immersing yourself in a world of the past. Are easily reachable thanks to the shuttles and buses.

The Republic of San Marino
(About 20 km)

San Marino offers to its visitors a pleasant walk through the streets of downtown with plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops, a breathtaking view from Freedom square and an interesting visit to the Gallery of modern and contemporary art and the Museum of the State. The origins of this republic, are very ancient, and is considered the oldest republic in the world after the roman one.

Santarcangelo di Romagna
(23 miles)

Santarcangelo is a medieval village ideal for a pleasant stroll through the streets of the historic centre and a stop in the best restaurants and inns that make a traditional dinner menu to taste along with the best wines of the territory. Pleasant a visit to the Museum of the button, and the ethnographic Museum of the uses and customs of the Romagna people.

(25 km)

Verucchio was the strongest of the fortified towns of the Malatesta: his rock, still today shows signs of a past as a dominatrix. The hill on which stands the town of Verucchio is located at thebeginning of the Valmarecchia valley, along the roads leading away from Rimini: a land therefore of the border, well that was defended by the fortifications of the castle.

(27 km)

Gradara already within the borders of the marche, is less than a thirty-minute drive from Rimini. Both evocative and seem to be immersed in a world far away, offers a pleasant stroll through the cobblestoned streets of the village. It is the perfect place to taste a cuisine that is fascinating of the two lands, the marchigiana and the romagnola. Don't forget that the walls of the city they still guard jealously, the story of the tormented love between Paolo and Francesca.

San Giovanni in Marignano
(28 km)

San Giovanni in Marignano in ancient days regarded as the granary of the Malatesta, thanks to its fertile hills, is today one of the villages most interesting parts of the hinterland of romagna. Every year in the month of June is held the Festivity of the Witches, which recalls the myths of witchcraft and black magic of the middle ages, and which leads to the city hundreds of curious visitors.

San Leo
(42 km)

San Leo, with its fort perched on a spur of rock overlooking the marecchia valley up to the sea, with the keep, the towers and the wall that are the protection to the piazza d'armi, is a picturesque village and full of charm. Still preserves today the secrets and the events of the alchemist of the Italian Cagliostro, who was imprisoned in the fortress of San Leo with the accusation of heresy.

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